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Holidays in Canada: natural beauty and developed infrastructure

Canada is a large northern country with a developed economy and a fascinating, unique nature. Despite the relatively high prices for the service, many tourists from all over the world constantly come to this country. They are attracted by many things: an abundance of old buildings, an unusual climate, a developed and diverse infrastructure with very high-quality service.

Territory of Canada

Modern Canada deservedly bears the title of one of the most prosperous and developed countries in the world and has a strong industry and a well-organized social policy of the authorities. In this state, the urban lifestyle prevails - up to 81% of its citizens live in large settlements and adhere to modern, progressive views.

The capital of Canada is the large city of Ottawa, but no less familiar to foreigners are the names of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, etc. These cities are practically not inferior to the capital in terms of population and infrastructure development.

The population of today's Canada is quite diverse. Historically, a significant part of it was the descendants of the French and English, who once arrived here as conquerors. In recent decades, many immigrants from China and Korea, Russia and Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania and other countries have become permanent residents of the country. This is due to a fairly loyal migration policy, which has been followed by the Canadian authorities for quite a long time.

Tourism in Canada

Thanks to the abundance of natural and man-made beauty, Canada is rightfully considered a tourist country. On its large territory, almost every visitor will be able to find something interesting for themselves: picturesque places and unique landscapes can be seen by visiting:iagara falls. This complex of cascades on the very border with the United States is a must-visit - it's so exciting! The waterfalls are not the highest in the world, but they are very wide (792 m). Interestingly, there is a special tunnel under the stream itself, in which you can also sit down to admire the object; National Parks: Banff and Wood-Buffalo (Alberto), Stanley (Vancouver). Rivers, lakes, mountains, forests with massive northern pines-all this fascinates the eye forever! The rich fauna of forests, rivers with the help of experienced guides is also available for exploring; the Athabasca glacier. Exotic ice desert, which is comfortable to travel on special buses with guides. Tourists can book an organized ascent to the high glacier; museums.

The Canadian authorities are zealous to ensure that the museums in their country are the most interesting for tourists and valuable for scientists:

The Royal Ontario Museum, which contains a lot of collections of various rarities (from paintings to precious stones); The Hockey Hall of Fame and Achievements in Toronto is a themed museum where you can see the ancient attributes of the national Canadian sport, a variety of ammunition and even an authentic Stanley Cup; Rue Petit-Champlain - an open-air "museum" dedicated to the life of French immigrants; architectural monuments. There are a lot of them, and they are all different. Let's name the most famous ones: Chateau Frontenac Castle, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Bon Secour and the Underground City in Montreal, the CN Tower in Toronto, etc.

When is the best time to go to Canada

A significant part of the territory of Canada is located in a temperate zone, but in its northern parts and on the Atlantic coast, frosts, winds and sharp temperature changes are not uncommon. Therefore, tourists who are going to visit the country should take into account the weather in it during the trip, as well as their goals and preferences: natural objects and architectural monuments, of course, are most comfortable to visit in the summer; for those who want to shop in famous brand boutiques, admire a certain building or attend a high - profile event (festival, match, etc.), the off-season is ideal-early autumn or spring; for those who want to enjoy the exotic in the form of frozen lakes or snow-covered cities, winter is suitable.


Accommodation options for tourists in Canada are diverse both in terms of cost and level of comfort. Consider all types of housing: upscale hotels, designated in the country by the letter T, are certainly extremely attractive. However, they are considered one of the most expensive in the world, and therefore not so popular. Most of them, of course, in the largest cities; three - star establishments (local designation-F) are much more affordable, but also very comfortable and safe. The quality of recreation in them is high, one of the best in the world despite the price. Such hotels are the most popular among visitors from all countries, they are also everywhere in the cities; the most economical options for the city are hostels and rented apartments. Also, as a rule, they do not disappoint tourists, but they are significantly cheaper than hotels; for those who stay in rural areas and want to pay less, motels are suitable. Experienced tourists are advised not to be afraid of this name - in Canada, these inexpensive establishments work conscientiously and efficiently. Their services are always in high demand among visitors, for example, from the CIS countries.

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